When the DVCH will be conducting for your enjoyment Events and we will post them onto this page for all to see and it is our sincere hopes that you come and support or if you can’t attend then you DONATE on the website to show that you support our cause of helping the veterans that have given for you and now they can use your assistance.  You can contact John S. Lewandowski at DVCH.JOHN@gmail.com  or Jorge Gutierrez at JorgeGutierrez@Reagan.com.


Strasburg flyer2-WORD – This is a really great kickoff Event to our new home for homeless veterans and homeless families.


Well the concert that was delayed from December 8th finally took place on January 26, 2014 here are some of the photo’s and the After Action Report will follow;













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Ladies and Gentlemen;  It has been an enjoyable time with the Disabled Veterans Committee on Housing but I have to step down as my wife and my health is not at the great stage anymore and we are facing some hard times, and the veterans need to have someone that can devote all the time for them, so I have asked a great friend also a veteran to take over and he has agreed.  I ask that you give him the support that you provided to me.  God Bless All of You.  I have enclosed my last After Actions Report enjoy it I have had the best time helping our brothers & sisters.

1779101_10202682422398295_816095027_nJohn S. Lewandowski, Founder/Counsultant, Disabled Veterans Committee on Housing


2014 _ After Action Report – Country Legends Revival


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