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HEROCARES Non Profit Organization, partnering with the DVCH
STATE OF VIRGINIA, Department of Veterans Affairs

MOMENT OF THANKS TO OUR TROOPS, Website to say thanks
PREMIER TURF FARMS, make your lawn beautiful
THE FOUR SEASONS SUNROOMS COMPANY, they work with veterans
SPRING HOUSE BED & BREAKFAST- A 30 year veteran has this Veterans Business.

WAVERLEY GLEN SYSTEM, A DIVISION OF PRISM MEDICAL – Medical Lifts for our disabled veterans.

VETERAN INFORMATION CHANNEL:  The Veterans Information Channel and Learning Center (VIC) is intended to provide a single Resource Center for our Veterans and their family members. Specific and current Information related to Benefits, Housing, Employment and Medical Assistance is provided in an accurate and timely manner.

Rick Kiernan, Partner-Vice President at World Media Network

PenFed FOUNDATION: The PenFed Foundation provides financial education in addition to all of our grants.  Read an article from CBS about how the PenFed Foundation helps with our grants and financial education.

Veterans Financial Advocate for America’s Debt Help OrganizationMy name is Nick Hare, and I’m the Veterans Financial Advocate for America’s Debt Help Organization.

One of our goals is to help veterans become aware of what options are available for them through the federal government and what programs the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has to help active duty service members and veterans. We also provide information and services to military personnel and their families. Below is a list of the pages on our site that I think would be helpful:

You can contact Nick at he will be glad to answer any questions that you may have or can direct you to someone who will answer your immediate needs, so call him and he cares for you as a veteran.


                  Vets Journey Home, Wisconsin, Inc.

Ellen Kozel | Co-Founder/Secretary

Vets Journey Home is an organization dedicated to helping veterans with emotional issues from time in military service. Vets Journey Home focuses on PTSD, MST (Military Sexual Trauma), emotional guilt and trauma many veterans carry with them long after their time in service. These are feelings that are hard to release to family and friends who have not experienced them. The retreats have been always funded through grants and private donations and free to all veterans who attend. The organization is made up of veterans helping veterans and civilians who are caring and wanting to support our veterans. The weekends are an intense individualized healing process for the participant. They come in on Friday wondering if they should have come at all and leave on Sunday with a feeling of love and self-assurance and looking at a new way to move forward. The transformation is amazing. It’s like a weight is lifted off your shoulders, I know, because I’ve been through the program and now staff the program helping others, which usually happens to a lot of our graduates.

Vets Journey Home offers a safe place where veterans and civilians want to hear you. We offer empathy for your painful journey and total support for your healing. You will not be judged, blamed or shamed.  Vets Journey Home is staffed by fellow veterans (graduates of the program) and compassionate civilians who are willing to listen to the stories and be present with vets while they share the pain and the story. Men and women who care for your heart and your spirit are ready to listen.

This listening allows the veteran to experience unconditional regard and acceptance, making it safe to open up even the deepest story, knowing it will truly be heard and not judged.  It takes the large group of caring individuals to “hold” that deep pain—often healing occurs much faster in the group than in a one-on-one therapy relationship. The result is a coming home to the heart, an emotional healing.  Most participants experience a deep bond with those who shared their Vets Journey Home experience: a connection that can last a lifetime.

Ellen Kozel | Co-Founder/Secretary | Vets Journey Home – Wisconsin, Inc | Email:

8989 N Port Washington Rd Ste 227 | Milwaukee, WI 53217 | Office:414.979.9113 | Cell:414.213.4952

Donate to Vets Journey Home – A 501(c)3 organization helping our veterans. “An enemy’s bullet does not distinguish between Race, Ethnicity, Color, Religious Belief, Gay or Straight, it kills American Service Men and Women indiscriminately.”


Soldiers’ Angels is a volunteer-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the mission to provide aid and comfort to the men and women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and their families and to enable our volunteers to improve the lives of a growing veteran population.

Founded in 2003 by the mother of two American soldiers, hundreds of thousands of Soldiers’ Angels “Angel” volunteers assist veterans, wounded and deployed personnel and their families in a variety of unique and effective ways.

“May No Soldier Go Unloved,” encapsulates the motivation behind
Soldiers’ Angels. 
The volunteers of Soldiers’ Angels work tirelessly to demonstrate active care and concern for veterans, the wounded, deployed service members and their families.

I am heading up the first Chapter within Soldiers’ Angels and each Chapter is responsible for doing it’s own fundraising and finding it’s own sponsors.


Joe Bodin;  301-580-1699  –


Shenandoah Memorial



Phone: (540) 667-2012     Fax: (540) 667-2624


THANK YOU for your service to our Country!  Were you aware that we have a VeteransGarden dedicated to our service men, women and their love ones?

When things go well, memories are of family, friends and loving times. We seldom think of hard times. However, our lives fall apart with the death of a loved one, and are changed forever. So many decisions need to be made.

We prepare for the possible with life, home and health insurance. We should also prepare for the inevitable…DEATH. With cemetery services explained, you and your family can make decisions together, avoiding emotional expenditures during the time of necessity. Cemetery expenses have to be paid before burial.

ShenandoahMemorial Park provides FREE counseling to families before the time of need. Careful planning saves time, money and heartache. Our counselors help families organize and pre-plan without the added stress and confusion of an impending funeral. Families can prepare in advance and make decisions together. A surviving and grieving spouse of family member does not have to make these decisions alone.

For a limited time, we are offering one certificate per family of $1250.00 towards cemetery property for non-owners at ShenandoahMemorial Park. Additional benefits may be available to your family. Also you would receive a Family Estate Portfolio.  I would like to personally inform you of the benefits at our beautiful cemetery without any obligation.

Planning ahead saves money and gives you peace of mind.  I will contact you in the next few days, or you may feel free to contact me. Please discuss with your family your cemetery needs and a time to meet with a ShenandoahMemorial Park advance planning counselor.


Dawn M. Cosme , Family Service & Memorial Counselor

We sincerely apologize if this letter has reached you at a time of loss or grieving.


 We have another Resouces outlet for you to see about what ONLINE COLLEGE’S RESOURCES

are there for you, here is the link and if you have any questions you can contact Celeine James at

Make It Count: Valuable Experience for Working Students






Builders/Contractors Advisors

Chris Moore, President Solid Rock Enterprises, Inc., Phone:  540-384-2065, Website:, E mail:

Stephen Thomas, Stephen Thomas Homes, 3601 Mayland Court Richmond, VA 23233 Phone: 804.672.6806 – Fax: 804.672.1943, Website:

This guide seeks not only to provide the reader with the most relevant and essential resources needed to navigate the myriad of red tape and sometimes rigid processes regularly associated with real estate purchases; it also aims to educate you. Website:

The Disabled Veterans Committee on Housing has an approved list of all builders/contractors that are registered and approved with the Special Adapted Housing Branch, Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office, Roanoke, Virginia

Financial Advisors

Michael A. Sellers, Assistant Vice President Mortgage Loan Officer, BB&T
Office: 804-541-2030, Mobile: 804-869-0463, Fax: 804-458-5947
Apply Online!

Daniel S. Kern, Sr. Mortgage Consultant/Certified Liability Advisor – provides our veterans with a full range of financial aspects of home owning.


The Disabled Veterans Committee on Housing has an approved list of Financial Institutions that are in the State of Virginia for the veterans referrals.


Real Estate Advisors

Mary Ann Shuster, ERA OakCrest Realty 126 N. Kent St., Winchester, Va.  22601, Cell Phone:  540-535-5001, Email:

Patricia L. Davis, Bethesda Real Estate, Rockville, Maryland, Cell:  1-240-893-6667 – Website:

Gwendolyn Pfouts, Century 21, Braddock Realty, Inc. Phone:  540-539-1551,Email:, Website:

The Disabled Veterans Committee on Housing has an approved list of Real Estate Agencies that are in the State of Virginia for the veterans referrals.


Housing and Mortgages for Veterans

All military personnel to include our veterans, you can now take advantage now of the VA Loan system and get the best rate that you can on your home and also save money in the long run.  Check out the link below and see what it can do for you:

If you feel that there are others areas and aspects of this section that would be of assistance and help to our readers please let me know and we will see that we try to accomodate your request.



From time to time we have received request to post homes that are ADA Compliant for veterans  and thier availability to our veterans.  The home’s that we receive are listed but are not indorsed or stating that the DVCH has any knowledges of thier condition nor does the DVCH state they recommend these homes.  You are the sole person involved in this transaction, its between you and the sellers:


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