Committee’s Newsletter for April 2011

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Well, Spring has finally arrived, but boy what rain we have had, but with rain comes the beauty of flowers, and green grass, and cutting the grass, eliminate the weeds, grab grass and other outdoors items, but we are always thankful for just being here to be able to help our veterans.

We are having our preparations for our Event which will be held on May 27, 2011 at the Historic Jordan Springs, Jordan Springs, VA to honor all of our veterans in the Northern Shenandoah Valley and remember also those who have given so much for our country by paying the ultimate sacrifice.  That story will be in next month’s Newsletter, but for your own story come and join us at the Event.

Northern Shenandoah Valley Region

WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA (APRIL 30, 2011) This year’s Apple Blossom Festival Event for Winchester, Virginia had a strange twist and that is we were in the “Grand Feature Parade”, on Saturday April 30, 2011.  The Committee was asked by Mario Ordonez of WINC-FM to have a few of our Committee members and veterans ride the float and I would like for you to hear what this meant to our Committee members.

The Apple Blossom Parade

The Apple Blossom Parade


By: Rex Ingram

In the business of “helping people”, the phone rings and your off to help someone or someone has made a call to support (help) you – there is not a lot of anything in-between …………… regardless, your pleased with anything that can be done “to help”.  Disabled Veterans Committee on Housing (DVCH) received such call – exposure and participation from Mario Ordonez, Marketing /Promotions, Centennial Broadcasting II, LLC, we were asked to ride on a float in the Apple Blossom Parade, Winchester, VA. Titled – “Honor and Courage”, for us to be rider’s of non-profits groups for Veteran’s making a difference in our communities – Thank you, Mario!

I am embarrassed, some what to say, I have never been to the Apple Blossom Festival (a six day festival) or parade, yet I now live in the Shenandoah Valley.   This was my first.  I arrived a few hours early, making sure I was where I was supposed to be and giving me a chance to “take it all in”.  How delightful and full of amazement for me!  I talked with hundreds of people – all of whom were delighted to be there – the traffic, the asking of directions, the uncertainty, the speculation – the all walks of life coming together in celebration and good cheer!

I found a lamp pole on the corner with a great view, sat there and watched as bands, participates, families, bicycles, groups of spectators’ passed.  Our National guard directing traffic, people on golf carts directed activities and our local and State police assisting where ever they could – “yes, I thought to myself – this is America! …… this is truly our American life in celebration – Freedom, coming together, “God Bless America!”

I bowed my head in prayer of Thanksgiving, for all the problems facing our government, our families, individuals, we are blessed.  A city in celebration, open to everyone.   The parade route, right across the land that held Fort Loudoun, designed and began construction by Colonel George Washington – our countries first President.

DVCH shared the float with Able Forces, Inc. who address the critical employment and training needs of our combat injured veterans of OEF/OIF and all disabled veterans.  Two non-profit Veteran missions on one float …. Camaraderie on the float named “Honor and Courage” – Yes, how thankful for our Veterans, their courage and their selflessness for our freedom.  Yes, our Warriors of today, yesterday and yesteryear – reflective in our freedom, our land, our buildings, our history and our future.  May they never go without the basic needs of shelter, employment, food, clothing and the ability to provide for their own families.

Here is another person’s expression of what it meant to him:

Of course we did DVCH PROUD, PROUDER, AND PROUDEST!!!!!!!!!!!!  Rex and I would or could do nothing less.  Could we Rex?  As Rex said, it really was a blast, with a big KaBOOOOOM!  Most of the spectators would point and smile, thumbs up, salute or maybe smile and mean it on an individual level.  You could tell because they would look at each of us on that side of the float.  We also got standing, some sitting, and round of applause from a lot of different spots along the parade.  However I did notice that some spectators noticed who we were and who we represented and would turn their heads aside until we passed.  I can guess what they were thinking but I won’t voice it.  It would be negative to all of the joy that was felt by all.  Any way thanks to all that allowed me to ride and be a part of something bigger than myself.  I was a beautiful day☺☺☺

John A. Stevens

Well as you can see that the Apple Blossom Parade had a big influence on our Committee and especially what it meant to them personally.

Greater Richmond Area

11516 Elmwood Lane, Chester, VA 23831 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA (April 20, 2011): Our Committee is helping a veterans’ mother to sell her home. Her son is a veteran and his disabled father passed away and the Disabled Veterans Committee on Housing is helping this family to sell their beautiful ADA compliant accessible home.

This home has the following features:  4 bedroom 3.5 baths a living room, family room with gas fireplace that flows into dining area.

There are 2 large master bedrooms 1 is 24×24 with French doors and a master bath with double vanity 60 inch glass door jetted shower w grab bars on seat and shower w ceramic tile floors.

The 2nd master has French doors and huge walk in closet 36in doors the master bath has stackable w/d pedestal sink claw tub with champagne whirlpool massage and a 36in showers w/ramp access off 2nd master.

The kitchen has double dishwasher, smooth top double oven, custom glass cabinets, updated fixtures, new windows & siding.

The library has bookshelves leads out to the concrete patio/carport.

Sits on +/-1 acre!  Only $319,000

Contact the following individual an you can send your interest to or

See you next month. God Bless

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