Committee’s Newsletter for September, 2011

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Boy what can I say we haven’t had much decent weather and of course most of it was rain, which we need to help nourish all of our flowers, shrubs and plants for the upcoming holiday season? As we approach the season, I hope that you are thinking out our brothers & sisters in arms that are out there as we hope never to happen to anyone, HOMELESS and on the Streets.

TO OUR BROTHER’s & SISTER’s IN ARMS: If no one has ever mentioned to you how proud, honored and how much we appreciated what you did for us and our families, I say it to you now, as one veteran to another. “Thank you from me and my family from the bottom of our hearts”, you were there when we needed you and many people just didn’t feel that you did anything, well that is so very wrong. You gave and now people have let you down and you are where you are, maybe you prefer it to be that way, but I want you to just feel that I don’t like to see anyone out on the streets, in fields, under underpasses by the highway, but I am only one person, but I will be there to help you if I can, so please, just use my website and I will answer you and see where I can help, and I promise that I will do what I can, as I have helped over 240 veterans so far, and I will continue to as long as I have breath in my body. Let me hear from you, fill in my form on the web or get someone to do it for you, and I will respond………….God Bless You.


WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA (September 11, 2011) As you neared Route 50 East you would hear the roar of the engines of the riders that were getting ready to do a 150 mile trip called “Ride a Mile for Able Forces”, the event was sponsored and arranged by Skip Rogers and his lovely wife, Kathy at Grove’s Harley Davidson, Winchester, Virginia.

The day started off with the Massanutten Military Academy Color Guard and the Frederick County Fireman presenting the Colors to start of the program, then the Invocation from the Chaplain, all were then asked to observe a moment of silence to remember all those brave men and women who had perished in the most horrific and tragic day in September 2001, we were treated as a way that we all express ourselves, we heard a rendition of our most special song perform , the National Anthem delivered by a Professor of Music from the Shenandoah University Conservatory, registration of the drivers for the ride started at 9AM and from what you can see in the photo’s the Able Forces Motorcycle was being signed by all the riders for this Event, say “Yes we Care and are proud to be an American”.

The cyclist departed at 11AM there was very special moment that took place along the ride and that all of the motorcycles wanted to pay their respects to our hospitalized veterans, so they decided to do a ride thru the Martinsburg VA Medical Center with as many veterans the that could were treated by this salute from the riders, that was a extremely moving feeling of pride for all that where there to experience this moment.

Our good friend, Sam Tate (Poet Laureate/Songwriter) from Nashville, TN Sam is a true friend to all veterans and he brought just a few of his friends, Trent Hasty, Tom Miserendino, Phoenix Drive.

What would a promotional Guts & Glory Event be without the celebrity hostess herself?

Miss Guts & Glory: Michelle Murray.

Miss Guts & Glory: Michelle Murray.

Michelle performs an acoustic version of her original song dedicated to Indy Car Driver and now team owner Sam Schmidt during a live rehearsal at Music City Bar & Grill in Nashville. The song is titled “It’s Not If But When” (Sam’s Song) Michelle is a spokesperson for the Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation


MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: I am sorry that the DVCH Committee Newsletter wasn’t publish onto the website last month, because I have been recuperating from major surgery on my left leg in the later part of July and I some complications of an infection which it has taken me awhile to get back to where I can function more on a daily basis, so I apology to all for that had looked forward to reading the newsletter and I will be continuing again with the DVCH’s information to you as the month ends.


Our Fallen Hero’s Memorial

Specialist Douglas J. Green Killed In Afghanistan

(Aug. 29, 2011) – Friends and family are calling Potomac Falls High School grad Doug Green an American Hero after the Department of Defense said he was killed Sunday in Afghanistan when his unit came under attack.

Spc. Douglas J. Green, 23, of Sterling, died Aug. 28 in Kandahar province of injuries suffered when insurgents attacked his unit using an improvised explosive device and small arms fire. He was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, Fort Wainwright, Alaska.

A memorial page on Facebook has been set up for Green and tributes are pouring in from Loudoun and afar as people remember the young man with a great smile, amazing sense of humor and a love of his country that led him into the military.

Green’s grandfather on Facebook, Jay Chabrow: “While I’m totally devastated you were taken from us at such an early age, I couldn’t be prouder. You are truly my hero.”

Another person wrote: “Clearly, you cared about every person you knew and that speaks volume. Thank you so much for your service, you are an American hero. You will forever be missed.

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2 Responses to “Committee’s Newsletter for September, 2011”
  1. Deena Larsen says:

    This is a great service for the disabled vets and I applaud the efforts. As you look into housing options, consider the small house movement. A tiny house is an actual house–and you get the privacy and independence. But it does not take as much to keep up, and thus, may be perfect for a disabled person. See

  2. Ms Larsen;
    Thank you for your comments and I will consider that in my discussions with veterans in teh need of a home. Your insight is gratefully appreciated. Have a great day.
    John S. Lewandowski, Chairman of the Board

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